About Al Mukmal

Al Mukmal in Arabic means the velvet … the symbol of luxury, sophistication and smoothness all over the history of human dealing with beauty. We have strived "Velvet / Mukmal" up to its name, so that "Al Mukmal" on the whole levels of activities and its fine status a symbol for elegance in Jeddah city the bride of the red sea.


"Al Mukmal" was established in January 1993 to offer, substance and elegance in the field of furniture and internal designing…."Al Mukmal" achieved this through selecting and providing the best of furniture fabrics, upholstery and accessories from European and American suppliers through a state of the art Showroom conveniently located in the heart of Jeddah. As with any growing organization "Al Mukmal" ventured into real estate investment in 1997, by launching our flagship project "Al Mukmal Plaza" on the Palestine Street.

"Al Mukmal Plaza" currently houses the groups head office and "Al Mukmal Furniture" showroom, and has leased out office and showroom space to leading corporations and banks starting from 1999.

And to continue what we have started in real estate investment in 1998 ... we began to design and construct 34 luxurious Andalusian villa ... "Almukmal Beach" ... located on the second island in the Durrat AlArous, the finest beach resort alongside the Red Sea coast in northern Jeddah, to be operated and managed by us as a family tourist resort for relaxation and recreation in 2000.

And due to an ever increasing demand in real estate investment, "Al Mukmal" commissioned the next project "Al Mukmal Tower" in 2008 in the up market and classy area of Prince Saoud Alfasial street (formaly known as AlRawda) in Jeddah.

At "Al Mukmal" expansion and integration is a natural progression from its humble beginnings almost a decade ago. Yours faithfully in submitting the splendor of "almukaml" to give you a beautiful life.

Hisham Hamza
Group CEO

Al Mukmal Tower

Located in the highly desirable area of Alrawda district in Jeddah, an architectural masterpiece in which you will find an absolute harmony in the creativity of the design. The building was designed as an interface and a luxurious position for shops and companies. We offer unique and special services for our tenants, a range of the biggest companies and business offices in Jeddah.

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Al Mukmal Plaza

A luxurious commercial center located in one of the most high-profile and tourist neighborhoods in Jeddah, in Palestine Street near Jeddah’s Cornish and its famous fountain. It currently houses Almukmal group head office and Almukmal Furniture showroom, and has leased out offices and showrooms spaces to Leading Corporation and banks.

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Al Mukmal Furniture

AL-Mukmal furniture is known for its reputation of excellence and efficiency. Founded in 1993 by a single goal, to supply and display world-class luxurious furniture. At AL-Mukmal Furniture the mission statement is to provide the client with the best in furniture, fabrics and upholstery from a wide range of respected manufacturers from all regions of the globe. Al-Mukmal furniture’s showroom is located in Almukmal Plaza in Palestine Street in Jeddah.

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Al Mukmal Beach

Almukmal Beach is located on the second island in Durrat AlArous, the finest beach resort alongside the Red Sea coast in northern Jeddah. Each of the 34 villas have been designed in the Andalusian style and furnished with the latest amenities and fitted luxuriously and a private swimming pool. All the Villas have unrestricted Sea view and direct access to the sandy beach.

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Al Mukmal Residence

Al Mukmal Residence is located in AlNaim District; it is an upscale residential compound, consisting of 26 villas, in addition to a public swimming pool, a Public Park, a gym and other services.

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